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Environmental Toxins: 6 Great Way To Safeguard Yourself From This Killer

Environmental toxins

Common Environmental Toxins

The Cleveland Clinic reports that we are constantly surrounded by contaminants and chemicals in our everyday lives. Numerous of these chemicals have the potential to be toxic to us in a variety of ways. Therefore, it is prudent to attempt to minimize our exposure to these common environmental toxins.

Short of living in a pristine wilderness with a diet that is 100% natural and unpolluted, avoiding environmental toxins is difficult. There are ways, however, that we can protect ourselves against the dangers around us which can damage our health.

Know the Environmental Risks of Where You Live

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that it is easy to keep track of the air quality index in the area in which you live. In fact, many weather websites will list the air quality in their reports telling you if it is harmful to breathe outside.

There is even a whole host of online ways to monitor the pollution levels of local, air, and water supplies which can easily be accessed. The key is to educate yourself as to the potential pollution risks in your area and if they are extreme and means allow you may consider moving to a cleaner area. Highly industrialized areas tend to have more toxic hazards in the environment so knowing the dangers is the most important protection step.

Eat a Healthy Organic Diet

It is all too common these days for people to go with convenience foods and this has been a growing dietary epidemic for decades. Highly processed quick meals packed with chemical toxins intended to increase shelf life have limited nutritional value and can cause a host of health concerns.

Unfortunately, numerous fresh vegetables and fruits that we get at the store can be contaminated by chemical pesticides which then enter our systems when we eat them. Check out the EWG Dirty Dozen List which tests and publishes each year fruits and vegetables highest in pesticide residue.

It is important to avoid environmental toxins and to eat organic whenever possible. The fewer chemicals or pollutants that come into contact with our food the better it is for our health.

Filter Your Drinking Water

According to the Mayo Clinic, water is vital to human life which means it is something we cannot go without. The problem is water can so easily become contaminated which means any toxins present in what we drink is taken into our bodies.

Water is a necessity for more than just quenching your thirst; it is necessary for your body to function properly and feel good. Water is needed for the operation and survival of nearly all of your body’s major systems. You’d be shocked at the benefits of maintaining proper hydration.

Although most tap water has gone through processes to clean it, somehow, these usually leave traces of chlorine or fluorine which in themselves are not good.

It is best to avoid bottled water as it can pick up chemicals from the bottles it is stored in and a secondary in-home filtration system may be good to further purify your water supply.

Clean Your Home Regularly With Natural Cleaners

Toxins enter into our homes on our clothes, through windows, and in a whole host of other ways. This is why we need to clean our homes regularly. It is also best to look into more natural cleaning products with lower chemical levels.

Pest Control

Insects and vermin can get into our homes and often can bring toxins of their own into our environment. This means we need to make sure we take steps to avoid and when necessary remove unwanted pests. Always try to use natural control methods rather than chemical options.

Keep Healthy Habits

Activities such as smoking can cause a great deal of in-home pollution and direct toxins into our bodies. Unhealthy habits can place us at risk for toxins so it is wise to avoid such practices. In this way, we minimize toxins in our environment.

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