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Fat Freezing – Is It a Weight Loss Solution? Here Are Facts You Need To Know!

Fat Freezing Process

Fat Freezing – Is It a Weight Loss Solution?

There are various ways of reducing excess body fat. There is strength training, having a high-protein and fiber-rich diet, or consuming slimming teas to achieve a lean body. There is also a non-surgical procedure called fat freezing, which is becoming increasingly popular since the FDA approved it in 2010. Unlike liposuction, this method does not require invasive surgery to remove excess fat in your body.

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is also called cryogenic lipolysis or Cryolipolysis in medical terms. It is a non-invasive procedure that reduces subcutaneous fat, which is that beneath your skin and bulges around the waistline, arms, back, inner and outer thighs. According to researchers, this fat is more difficult to remove as you age. This treatment can reduce a small amount of that stubborn fat.

How Does It Work?

The doctor will attach a cooling paddle to the skin of the targeted area. It will cool the fat in your arms, back, tummy, inner or outer thighs for 30 to 60 minutes until it freezes the fat. Then the fat cells will rupture, and your body will expel them naturally. The doctor will use four or more applications to even out the fat removal.

It will require one to three sessions of fat freezing after every three months to see your desired results. The outcome may vary for each person, and it can take weeks or months to notice the full effect.

Who Is Suitable To Undergo Fat Freezing?

Before you jump with excitement and go to the doctor for treatment, know that this method does equally benefit everyone. The best candidate is someone who has a little excess fat, say on certain spots like around your waistline or arms that is pinchable. If you cannot lose these resistant fats despite dieting and exercising but are still close to your ideal weight or figure, then you are likely to benefit.

Positive Effects of Fat Freezing

  • It reduces stubborn fats, so there will be fewer bulges, especially in the waistline.
  • This treatment permanently removes the targeted fat cells from your body.
  • It destroys the subcutaneous fat, but it doesn’t hurt the skin.
  • Fat freezing can treat multiple areas of your body in one session.
  • You can see a reduction in fat from about 10% to 20% per treatment.
  • It enhances self-esteem because of improved appearance.

Advantages of Having This Treatment

  • Fat freezing is a safe procedure that has no threat of infection since a professional, like a dermatologist, will perform it.
  • You will feel very minimal pain or discomfort because it’s non-invasive, so there is no need for anaesthesia.
  • The treatment has no downtime. You can be an outpatient and may resume normal activities afterwards.
  • This procedure applies to people of any age.
  • There is no lasting damage to the skin of the treated area.
  • The positive effects will last if you maintain your ideal weight.

The Negative Effects

  • It may cause slight bruising, discolouration, lack of sensation, swelling, or prickling sensation for a few months after the treatment because of pinching, pulling, and tugging off the skin during treatment.
  • The treatment may bring about an uneven skin surface.
  • The treatment will cause dents conforming to the shape of the tool used if it is not placed correctly on the target area.
  • May rarely cause paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, which is the enlargement in the size of fat cells after undergoing fat freezing. It mostly occurs in Hispanic people for unknown reasons.

If you experience any side effects after the treatment, consult your doctor.

Limitations of Fat Freezing

  • The treatment is not applicable for obese or overweight people, but for those who want to reduce a little fat in a specific body area.
  • It should only be applied to those who are healthy and have no neurological disease or orthopaedic disease or injury.
  • You will need to undergo more than one session to see results. It will usually take one to three months to notice a change and six months to attain full results.
  • It takes a long time to expel the destroyed fat cells from your body after the treatment. You will have a long interval between sessions, usually about six to eight weeks.

Is Fat Freezing Cost-Effective?

Fat freezing is not cheap. There is a charge per session, and multiple sessions are required. However, millions of people have undergone fat freezing and claim that it works. Fat freezing is a small-scale fat reduction method and not a big-time weight loss solution.

It is effective if you are a healthy person who wants to attain and maintain an ideal weight and enhance your appearance, free from mini bulges or ‘love handles.’

Ensure that the person who will treat you is a licensed health professional, adept in the fat freezing procedure to avoid the risk of any side effects. Lastly, take continuing control of your weight and maintain a proper diet and exercise routine.

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