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Jogging: Why Jogging Should Be Included in Your Home Exercise Routine


Benefits Of Including Jogging in Your Home Exercise Routine

Recently, jogging has received a great deal of negative press. This is because jogging is a type of exercise known as steady-state cardio. That is, it requires sustained low-intensity exertion for an extended period of time – for example, running for 30-50 minutes. This is something that fewer and fewer people now recommend in the age of HIIT (high-intensity interval training). And it is inefficient in comparison to that alternative.

If you want to build muscle quickly and effectively, you should alternate between periods of high intensity and periods of recovery. This will burn fat in the long run, improve mitochondrial health, and decrease the likelihood of burning through the muscle.

That is the theory, at any rate. However, there are numerous compelling reasons to maintain steady-state operation, which we will discuss now.

High-Intensity Interval Training is abrasive

The first reason to continue with steady-state training is that high-intensity interval training is extremely taxing. Many people portray HIIT as a ‘quick fix’ for muscle, emphasizing how it accelerates fat loss. You can get a complete workout and burn significantly more calories in 20 minutes of HIIT than you would on a 30-minute run.

However, the distinction is not nearly as significant or as profound as the majority of people believe. Additionally, HIIT is a source of discomfort. While you may believe that HIIT is the ‘easy option,’ the reality is that it is significantly more strenuous. And the majority of people will struggle to incorporate it into their routine on a consistent basis. By contrast, jogging is a universally understood activity that can be done anywhere and is quite enjoyable. Simply choose a location and run!

Exercise Increases Anabolism

Additionally, running can aid in the long-term increase of anabolism and muscle building. This may fly in the face of everything you’ve been taught, but it makes a great deal of sense.

This is because running improves cardiovascular fitness. It specifically aids in the expansion of the left ventricle. Thereby allowing you to pump more blood throughout the body with each beat. This is beneficial because it results in a lower resting heart rate, which results in decreased stress and cortisol levels.

That means you’ll spend significantly more time in a ‘rest and digest’ state, saturated with anabolic hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone, and others. Additionally, it means that more blood, oxygen, and nutrients can circulate throughout the body during rest and training to fuel more intense workouts.

It’s an Effective Technique for Losing Weight

Long-distance running is still an effective way to lose weight. It will burn a significant amount of fat. And if you run for 40 minutes, you can expect to burn between 700 and 800 calories. Additionally, the adverse effect on muscles is much less than most belief.

Therefore, in a nutshell, get out there and run!

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