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Laser Hair Removal – Here Are The Benefits and Side Effects You Must Know!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Benefits And Side Effects

Maybe your unwanted hair grows faster than you would like it to, and perhaps you’re tired of always trying to remove it. Before the week has ended, the stubble is growing back again. You are not alone! Laser hair removal is the perfect solution.

Well, there are other options besides waxing or shaving. There is a cosmetic procedure called laser hair removal that is preferable to many people. To know if this can also be your choice of unwanted hair removal, let’s understand what it is and how it works.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a well-known treatment for removing excess or unwanted hair in the armpit, bikini line, chin, legs, and upper lip. The procedure uses a laser light that travels down the hair shaft and into the follicle. The heat produced from the laser light will be absorbed by the pigment cells in each hair follicle and destroy the hair follicles and roots so that no hair will regrow from it for a long time.

Multiple sessions are required from the first treatment plus maintenance treatments may be needed. It generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to see an improvement and from 2-6 sessions to get the full effect. Maintenance treatments are needed because your hair grows at different times, so there may be new hair growth that will need to be treated later.

Benefits of Having Laser Hair Removal

Using lasers can precisely target unwanted hair without damaging the adjacent skin. Benefits are:

  • It can destroy much hair in one visit.
  • It removes hair thoroughly so that you can discontinue shaving them completely.
  • Most of the patients achieve long-term hair loss after 3 to 7 treatments only.
  • It can help in reducing annoying ingrown hairs that grow sideways under your skin, so it lessens the irritation on your skin.
  • You will have clearer and smoother skin.

Advantages Over Other Hair Removal Options

Laser hair removal can be done in other areas of your body like the back, bikini line, legs, stomach, and face, except the eyelids or nearby areas.

The pain during laser hair removal is more tolerable than other hair removal remedies since the practitioner will numb the target area with ice before and after the procedure. During the succeeding sessions, it will be less and less painful as the hairs become finer.

The speed of doing this treatment is also a bonus. It can take less than a second for small areas such as the chin or upper lip and less than a minute for each underarm. It will take up to 1 hour only for extensive areas such as the legs.

Side Effects

Here are a few possible side effects to be aware of:

  • It could cause burns or scars if not done by a certified and trained technician.
  • There is a risk of bacteria multiplying and causing spots if you go to the gym, hot shower, or sauna shortly after the treatment.
  • If your hair is not suitable for laser hair removal, it can stimulate hair to grow more instead of being removed.
  • Temporary redness, scarring, and swelling of the skin.

Other Important Facts About the Treatment

1) Laser hair removal is most effective for dark-haired and light-skinned people.
It is not as beneficial if your hair colour is blond, grey, red, or white because it cannot absorb light as well. More effective laser treatment for light hair colours is still in the process of development.

2) The process is not as suitable for those with dark skin and dark hair because the skin’s colour will compete with the hair colour for the laser’s focus. The hair colour and not the skin pigment should attract light.

3) For the same reason as above, if you currently have a strong tan, wait for it to fade before the treatment. Avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and after laser treatment.

4) Sometimes, hormonal changes can trigger the hair to regrow.

5) Use moisturizers to counter the dryness of your skin after the treatment and sunscreen to protect against changes in skin pigment.

6) Keep away from skin treatments for two weeks before and after the procedure.

7) The cost of laser hair removal can be expensive compared to other treatments but is longer-lasting.

8) The interval for succeeding sessions is usually every six weeks, but with slow-growing hair can be every twelve to sixteen weeks.

9) Those with tattooed skin should refrain from laser treatment.


The above are guidelines and generalizations only, so if you are troubled by unwanted body hair, regardless of skin and hair colour, you can get a free consultation and quote from an accredited laser skin removal specialist


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