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Penile Augmentation Surgery: Is It Really Good For You?

Penile Augmentation

An Overview of Penile Augmentation Surgery

For the most part, males are too ashamed to openly confess that they’ve contemplated having penile augmentation surgery. Men who seek knowledge on penile augmentation surgery frequently have at least one of these motivations: curiosity, self-consciousness, embarrassment, or an unspoken desire to be unusually well-endowed.

Penis augmentation surgery ranks regularly among the most common internet information requests, according to a survey of the most frequently sought information.

And as anyone who has done a search on this will confirm, there are a lot of men who go through with this life-changing surgery only to see whether they can have a perfect penis.

Techniques for Penis Growth

ProExtender- penile augmentation alternative
ProExtender- penile augmentation best alternative

In the 1980s, a surgical method was invented by Chinese physician, Long Daochao, to extend the penis. In the early 1990s, penis enlargement surgery began to take off, but the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons were not taking an official stance on the procedure. Some men nevertheless sought out the operation, even though the procedure was unregulated.

Some patients may have first believed they required a larger staff. They proved they had some intestinal fortitude, though, since they were the experimental group for cosmetic penis enlargement surgery. Though techniques have evolved slightly since then, the initial approaches have often entailed trying to make the penis longer, wider, or both.

The process is as follows: Surgical removal of the suspensory ligament allows the penis to slide down and forward, which lengthens the apparent length of the part of the penis that is typically in the body cavity. The penis is “unveiled” rather than “lengthened”.

The penis is surgically lengthened with the use of fat cells that are harvested from the patient’s body, generally from the hips or thighs. Then, these fat cells are injected into the penis for added girth.

As new methods and materials have been developed, surgeons are using more than fat in the implant process: for example, using tissue from the patient’s own body or from a donor cadaver.

The Risks, The benefits, and The Costs

For the majority of guys, thinking about any of these operations is impossible. For some, though, the urge to improve on one’s masculinity for the greater good is as great as ever. This number is now estimated to be around 18,000 males.

There are around 30 surgeons in the United States who are willing to do the operation and after that, the majority of surgeons will only perform it if the patient is an adult, mentally stable, and has completed pre-surgical therapy.

Impotence and disfigurement were among the sometimes catastrophic outcomes of early penile augmentation operations.

Despite skeptics’ continued questions, today’s surgeons have greater expertise and experience in conducting these surgeries. According to one man, “it flaps about like a helicopter blade.” Erections that point downward, or even lack of feeling and impotency, may be caused by a surgically damaged suspensory ligament.

Injecting fat into the penis causes lumpy, lopsided, and unattractive outcomes, as fat has different properties in different parts of the body. Once injected, the fat may be moved anywhere throughout the body. More often than not, the fat will cluster up in the center of the shaft, which will give the penis a football-shaped appearance.

In addition, fat will often reabsorb unevenly, so that the accumulation of fat will be eliminated over time in different areas more than others. Fat injections are usually always rubbery in feel, similar to a woman’s breast. When an erection occurs, the injected fat almost always becomes even softer.

For the time being, the dangers have gone down, but the price hasn’t: This averages out to around $8,000 for penile augmentation surgery.

Anyone With a Normal-sized Penis Can Benefit From Penile Augmentation Surgery.

Even with all the dangers considered, men still decide to get penis surgery. Do they have a strategy for deciding if this is the appropriate option for them?

The first requirement is that a candidate is in great physical and mental health. One way to measure overall health is to use a doctor’s assessment of general health. Then, if any health concerns are found, the doctor will advise on the necessity of counseling or medicine.

Also, the best thing to do is to research any cosmetic treatment extensively, focusing on the results of individual surgeons.

Only the person who wants to learn more about penile issues will be able to discover the extent of his distress. In all situations, a realistic approach is critical, since risks and costs must be considered along with prospective rewards. Men who wish to have a penis and expect it to be desirable to women should realize that their actual outcomes may not match their fantasies.

An Effective Way of Enhancing Male Potency and Strength Is an Alternative to Surgery.

ProExtender- Penile augmentation alternative
ProExtender- Penile augmentation best alternative

Since the age of the all-or-nothing penile enlargement conversation has arrived, men now have a wider selection of supplements and upgrades available to them.

Tested by physicians, these products have been proved to increase virility and performance, with virtually little danger! Impotence-avoiding methods have a fantastic success record and are becoming in popularity as an alternative to the danger of erectile dysfunction.

Many of these components have been in traditional products for generations. This complex formula is based on natural botanicals from across the world and other plant components that have been used for centuries to produce a wide range of bodily effects, with a long track record of providing men with what they want.

What’s new is the latest technology for developing and distributing the formulas’ components. To use just one example, VigRX™ tablets are made in a pharmaceutical-grade laboratory and are precisely blended to help men have stronger erections, more sensitivity, and improved sexual stamina.

Rub-on oil VigRX Oil™ employs German transdermal technology to transport the chemicals right through the skin so that they go to the genitals extremely quickly. The impact is virtually instantaneous.

Patch items are now offered, too Maxiderm™ patch results in the same potent and lasting results as VigRX™, but by applying the solution transdermally. For men, all they have to do is apply the patch and start to enjoy the benefits.

Additionally, one of the latest breakthrough products in the field of natural options focuses on an area where men frequently feel inadequate: how much and of what kind of ejaculate they make. Also, Semenax™ is an all-natural supplement, increasing semen volume, sperm vigor, and sexual orgasm power, giving you “power and distance.”

The Bottom Line Is This

For additional information about penis enlargement surgery, see your physician. As you learn more, you will learn if surgery is right for you.

Penile augmentation surgery must be approached with extreme caution, especially before undergoing such dangerous and expensive treatments as surgery. Generally speaking, the majority of men will try to use natural solutions initially, which is much less committed (and safer).

In research, these products have been proven to work for most guys, but they may not be right for everyone. The various methods affect the body in different ways, and some men have better outcomes using one approach compared to another. There are no current clinical studies on the effectiveness of penile augmentation techniques.

No matter what decision you make, having access to reliable information is important. Become an expert in the field and use that knowledge to lead you. If you’re still hesitant, follow your body’s natural path to satisfaction. Cheerio!

ProExtender- Penile augmentation Alternative
ProExtender- Penile augmentation best alternative
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