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Penile Pumps vs. ProExtender™: Which Device Is Most Effective!

Penile Pump Vs. ProExtender

Choosing the Finest Penis Enlargement Device

Over the last few decades, men have used whatever technology was available to address their issues on a temporary basis. Men have been purchasing vacuum penile pumps as a remedy to erection issues and a way of penis growth since the 1970s. Despite the fact that the penile pump is well-known, popular, and effective, there are now even more advanced and effective gadgets accessible to be healthy life bariatrics.

The field of artificial penis growth has made a quantum leap forward with the invention of ‘penis traction devices.’ Penis traction devices that have the ability to raise the volume of the corpus cavernosum, the structures in the penis responsible for erection, have been developed as a consequence of clinical study and testing.

Whereas formerly mechanical techniques (such as vacuum pumps) were simply a temporary remedy, technologies like the ProExtender™ now provide a permanent penile augmentation option.

How the Proextender™ Works Are Explained Below

ProExtender™ works by applying traction to the body, which prompts the growth of new tissue in the penis that lengthens and thickens it. ProExtender™ application allows the body to regenerate new tissue to reweave the constant-gentle pressure that is applied to the penile tissues. A comparable approach was employed by indigenous populations for hundreds of years, as well as by modern doctors for reconstruction purposes.

It is quite straightforward. You just need to apply pressure with the gadget like you would if you were using a penile pump, but without using a tube. Additionally, a soft rubber ring is fitted around the penis’s head. After this, the gadget is adjusted ever so slightly, and a moderate amount of strain is applied to the penis to be 24 6 a prescription for a healthier happier life.

While there are other elements that influence penis growth, like how much time is spent and how much stress is administered, these are the two most significant variables. For some men, penile enhancement products, such as the ProExtender™ system, are used to augment the benefits.

What Is the Penis Pump and How Does It Work?

The majority of penile pumps function on the vacuum principle: by eliminating the air around the penis, the reverse pressure draws more blood from the body into the corpora cavernosa (erectile bodies of the penis), enlarging the erection to massive dimensions.

To use the basic penile pump, first secure an air-tight tube around the base of the penis. The majority of the air that surrounds the seal is gently pushed out using an electric or manual pump once it has been formed. Although the chamber is never completely vacuumed, the penis can extend well beyond its usual size by gradually lowering the pressure.

The main issue is that after the tube is removed, a plastic or rubber ring is generally required to avoid an instant decrease of size. Penile pumps are more beneficial for ‘pleasure pumping’ than for genuine improvements in penis size, according to most users.

Creating It a Permanent Solution

Increasing penis size is the top priority for customers who purchase these gadgets. Using a penis pump over the long term speaks to its usefulness as a short-term remedy. Pumps are indeed most frequently used to produce an erection for sexual intercourse for a short period of time.

ProExtender™ traction device is utilized as a permanent fix, utilizing medical procedures that have been around for some time. Increasing the size using traction has been studied and confirmed to work.


Despite claims that vacuum-pumping the penis could provide you small but consistent improvements in penile size over time, no evidence exists to back this up. This equipment is perfect for temporarily increasing the size of the penis. ProExtender™ traction devices are the obvious winner when it comes to permanent penis enlargement.

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