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Urinary System: Ways To Maintain Healthy Bladder and Urinary System

Natural Ways To Maintain A Healthy Urinary System

Natural Ways to Keep Your Bladder and Urinary System Healthy

Keeping the bladder, and the urinary system in general, healthy is crucial given their function in removing waste from the body. The bladder provides temporary storage of urine, the by-product of your body’s metabolism. It can hold up to 24 ounces of urine. 

An unhealthy bladder can lead to urinary tract problems and other health issues. In the United States alone, 57,000 men and 18,000 women have bladder cancer. Thousands die from this form of cancer each year.

To prevent this from happening, there are measures you can take to help prevent bladder and urinary system-related problems. It doesn’t have to involve medicines either. Here are some natural ways to keep your bladder and urinary system healthy.

Stay Hydrated 

Drink enough water every day, at least 8 glasses, to help flush out the waste in the body. Drink water before and after exercise to replace the fluid lost by perspiration. Drinking water also helps in the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. 

Water should be the drink of choice and should provide the bulk of consumed fluids. However, if you have serious kidney or heart diseases, you must be careful not to drink too much fluid, and follow medical advice. Eliminate soda from your diet, and consume whole fruit instead of juice where possible.

Reduce Caffeine Intake 

Too much caffeine may inhibit the absorption of minerals and nutrients in the body. Drinking coffee can also cause dehydration, which can increase the risk of bladder infection and urinary tract problems. It can increase your urge to urinate and also irritate the tissues of the bladder. You should limit your coffee intake to 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day. 

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can contribute to urge incontinence and irritate your bladder’s lining. It can also increase the acidity of your urine and make a UTI worse. Limit your intake of alcohol, or better yet, stop it altogether.

Perform Kegel Exercises

For women, Kegel exercises or pelvic-floor exercises help in controlling and strengthening pelvic muscles. They improve your ability to stop the leakage of urine. If you perform these exercises, especially if you have urinary incontinence, you can notice an improvement after about three to six weeks.

Eat Healthily

Be mindful of what you eat. Eating a healthy diet protects the body against illnesses and diseases. Foods that are rich in protein, fiber, Vitamin C, and other essential minerals can help boost the immune system and body organs to function effectively. High-fiber foods can help you prevent constipation, which could otherwise put extra pressure on your bladder. Avoid foods that can irritate the bladder, such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, and spicy foods.

Be Physically Active

Exercise regularly to avoid constipation and to maintain a healthy weight. When you’re overweight, the tissues around your bladder become fatty. This adds pressure on your bladder and weakens your pelvic floor muscles, which can make it more difficult for you to control your urine.

Practice Good Bathroom Habits

Observe proper hygiene. Don’t hold your urine for too long and urinate when triggered. Emptying the bladder properly can help prevent bladder infection, so take time when you do urinate. Don’t rush to get back to what you are doing. Relax.

Bacteria is one of the factors that can lead to infections, such as a UTI, which is most common in women. After using the toilet, wipe from front to back.

Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens that are bad for health. It not only affects the lungs and the heart but also affects the urinary system. Around 60 to 70 different carcinogens are found in tobacco, and it has toxins that can destroy organs. Cigarette smoke can also irritate the bladder and make you urinate more often. If smoking is making you cough frequently, it can cause urine leakage.

Those people who have an unhealthy bladder are more likely to have urinary tract infections, overactive bladder issues, and urinary incontinence. Keeping a healthy bladder and urinary tract system is important to prevent these health issues.


In the case of persistent bladder and urinary tract system symptoms, it’s important to contact a medical professional promptly for proper diagnosis and treatment options. 

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