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Weight Loss Training: 3 Reasons You Are Not Getting Your Desired Result!

Weight loss training -Not getting result you want

Why You Are Not Getting Your Desired Result With Your Weight Loss Training

Many people believe that to get in shape, they need a difficult weight loss training program that includes a lengthy supplement list and a strong will. People are willing to spend huge sums of money on professional fitness coaches, protein shakes, creatine, gyms, and other programs like ‘Insanity Workout’ because this is what motivates them to start a workout training.

However, that should not be the case for anyone undergoing any weight loss training program. Regardless of how few times per week you do push-ups, what actually matters is that you don’t get discouraged and give up, obviously, you can realize the results you’re after as long as you stick to a training regimen that’s moderately demanding and you’re consistent.

You may only be doing a limited number of press-ups per night, but every time you do them, you will notice some positive changes happening in your body. Do you have a better idea? Of course. While this will not be enough to accomplish anything, it is better than nothing.

In other words, if you are implementing your plan consistently, then why are you not seeing results? Some factors come into play here.

You aren’t putting your best effort into Your Weight loss Training

A frequent cause is that you aren’t devoting sufficient effort to your weight loss training. The act of doing C.V. or strength training, alone, is not enough to produce real results. You have to push yourself, and you have to work hard enough to generate that burning or pump in your muscles, and you also have to be perspiring.

Leaving the TV on while you work out is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Wearing headphones or listening to music while you exercise is distracting and prevents you from giving it your full attention, so you won’t be able to target and engage your muscles properly.

What You Do With the Rest of Your Life Is What Matters.

To try to shift those last few pounds, you need to check everything else in your training. The fact is, you probably aren’t as active as you could be most of the time.

The way we are built doesn’t enable us to stay sitting still for 24 hours each day and then get vigorous exercise for a short period of time. You should be resting or training constantly if you want to stay healthy and fit. Look at your routine and see where you can increase your activity levels by adding in more walks, runs, or a workout class.

Your Hormones Are Obstructing Your Weight Loss Training Progress

Your body will store and burn fat and muscle as a result of the hormones that you have. You are an ectomorph, for having this body type. For example, perhaps you have a harder time shedding body fat.

Some type of medical condition could be responsible for this. If you suspect that you might have low testosterone, polycystic ovaries or hypothyroidism, you have to immediately speak with your doctor.


It doesn’t matter if you are not medically ‘unwell’—a poor hormone, T4, and insulin sensitivity may still be at play. Fortunately, you have a number of resources available to help. The best solution is to increase the frequency of training. Another way to boost your intake is to eat more. If you take care of your hormone levels, you’ll have a significantly easier time training.

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